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Yacht Cleaning Services

Maintenance for your boat's interior

Keeping your yacht clean and functioning properly takes more the just sweeping around a bit and cleaning off the dust - to insure your yacht is properly clean, one must hire professional yacht cleaning services.

Neglecting to clean a yacht regularly might result in its not functioning properly. Your yacht is constantly exposed to the elements and all types of weather conditions, Processes like rusting and corrosion are common and if your yacht is left unattended, they can harm the yacht's shape, and can keep it from functioning properly. To avoid such mishaps, which can potentially lead to accidents, it is therefore crucial to have yachts cleaned regularly by professionals

Choose Brighter Day's Yacht Cleaning Services

We have been in the business for years, and have the knowledge and experience so you can be sure, your yacht will be not only sparkling clean after each treatment, but also well-maintained to keep all technical troubles away.

Our services include:

  • Vacuum, dusting & wipe down of boats interior

  • Sanitize entire bathroom

  • Kitchen floor, surfaces and appliances cleaned

  • Beds made per request

  • Dust and wash blinds

  • Cleaning of interior windows

Packages start as low as $149.00

For more details regarding our services call us for a free estimate! We will be happy to assist you in any question and we will do our best to satisfy your every need.

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