Commercial Cleaning Services in Brentwood, Oakley, Antioch, Pittsburg, Concord

We offer full janitorial services for offices and commercial buildings at the best quality possible without sacrificing cost. We will make sure of the cleanliness of your office and guarantee the security of your building and all its contents. 

Brighter Day's Janitorial Service will design a cleaning program based on your specific needs and maintenance requirements. Our customized service allows you to indicate what specific areas to be maintained, what particular equipment to use, on what hours or days you want the cleaning done and what method you want to use. 

Different business types require different cleaning methods. Banks, restaurants, offices, professional and technical buildings, and other retail businesses have different cleaning needs. Brighter Day's Janitorial Service has all the cleaning solutions for these. With highly experienced personnel and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Construction Clean Up in Brentwood, Oakley, Antioch, Pittsburg, Concord

No matter how big or small your construction project is, it is guaranteed to make a huge mess. There is no way to prevent it, which is unfortunate because it can hurt morale if the mess is allowed to accumulate for both contractor and client alike.

A clean job site is an efficient job site. Think about it, is it easier to work in a clean or cluttered space? Even if you typically work at a desk, keeping your area clean can do wonders for your productivity. Can you imagine the difference it makes when you are putting up drywall, installing cabinets or nailing in shingles? Not to mention, construction is very detail oriented work. When you have a clean job site to navigate, the contractors aren’t losing track of valuable pieces that are necessary for the structural integrity of the finished product.

But whose responsibility is it to keep the job site clean? Is it the contractor’s? Is it the client’s? As far as we’re concerned, it’s our responsibility. For the last several years, Brighter Days Janitorial has been proud to offer construction cleaning services to all sorts of construction projects in the area. From minor renovations to erecting brand-new buildings, our goal is to maintain the cleanliness of any area job site to make sure that productivity, morale, health and safety of clients and contractors aren’t impacted by the mess this type of work can’t help but make.

For a free estimate, no-obligation estimate on our construction cleaning services, please give Brighter Days Janitorial a call today.

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