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Protect Your Clients & Staff From Pathogens/ COVID-19

We will assist you in keeping your office space or store sanitized and virus-free. Keeping your employees and clients/customers safe, giving them a more comfortable feeling knowing your facility is being Disinfected by Professionals.

We use a Hospital Grade hydrogen peroxide-based sanitizer throughout offices and a stronger cleanser for high-impact areas such as bathrooms and common areas. Ultimately, the stuff that's going to protect you from the everyday cold and flu is what is most likely going to protect you from the coronavirus.

We spray the sanitizer with an electrostatic sprayer that is designed to wrap around surfaces and allows for more disinfection in a shorter amount of time. We're going to wipe down the tables and chairs in an office, but the places that aren't visible might be spreading the virus. This gets underneath the table, underneath the chair — all the non-obvious areas that may be missed.